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Skate Nottingham in 2017

Thank you for visiting the Skate Nottingham website.  We are a small not-for-profit organisation run by skateboarders.  With all the challenges facing cities around the world in 2017, from inequality, low growth, low-paid and precarious jobs, poor health and the rise of extreme, populist far-right politics, we strongly believe skateboarding can be used as a force for positive change.  We’re also sick of spending money on plane tickets in the summer to go to cities with incredible skate facilities where people are more able to be active in pubic spaces – and believe we can instead achieve some of this back home, in the city we love.  These are some of the things we want to do in early 2017 with your help:

  • Organise an opening event in the Spring for King Edward park, working with Nottingham City Council, local schools and businesses, and independent, skater-owned sponsors
  • To work with Skateboard England and Nottingham City Council to deliver training and support for a team of skate coaches and mentors across the city, to develop the next generation of skaters and create good opportunities for young skateboarders right now – helping to retain graduates and other young people and start to demonstrate that we can create good jobs in skateboarding
  • To deliver more rad, creative projects, like our independent video night – and help our friends, such as Varial Magazine, develop and grow their projects
  • To agree and apply for a programme of funding, building on existing skate parks (such as a Phase II for King Edward), creating where possible links with training providers so people in Nottingham can learn how to build and maintain our estate of skate facilities
  • To keep raising the profile of skating – so we can push the argument that what we do is an important use of public space

We’ll post more news of events, projects and funding opportunities as soon as we can.  In the meantime, please get in touch if you want to get involved.

Peace friends,

Chris & Simon

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