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King Edward Park in the local media

The project to design a small skate facility in King Edward Park, Sneinton, was our first in Skate Nottingham.  It was a very challenging experience, with a tight budget and timescale (the park was built and finished between early November and mid-December 2016!)  and the designs for a small surface area – and mainly street obstacles – generated some negative reactions on social media, mainly because the site didn’t look like a traditional ‘skatepark’.  Since the park has been finished, it’s been incredibly well-used – and has become part of skaters in the Nottingham scene’s weekly circuit of spots and parks.  For future development and funding, it’s also getting positive coverage in the local press and for the construction companies involved  – making the chance of funding for a Phase II to extend the park and add a wider range of obstacles much more likely.

Click here to find out about the park and our involvement being scored 47 out of 50 (in the top 1% nationally) in the UK Considerate Constructors Scheme, with photos from Varial’s Tom Quigley.
Click here to find out about the lead contractor, Woodhead, and their work with local schools – including Carlton Digby special needs school, where we did a demonstration of skateboarding to the kids (still one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life – the enthusiasm of the kids’ reactions to skating reminds you of why you started skating in the first place).

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All photos from the Skate Nottingham and Woodhead Construction visit to Carlton Digby school in autumn 2016, taken with the permission of the students (one student’s image pixelled out on request).  We hope to deliver more projects with King Edward Park and the kids at Carlton Digby through 2017.


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