#KingEddiesLap Instagram Competition – August 2017


(Bambi pushing round King Eddies photo by Simon Bernacki)

Through the rest of August and early September, we’d like to invite you to take part in a simple but rad competition – with prizes kindly provided by Forty Two skateshop.  Get yourself down to King Edward Park (off Carlton Road, Sneinton) and:

  • Film a line – string some tricks together;
  • Post it to Instagram or Facebook (making sure your post is set as public);
  • Tag @skatenottingham and hashtag #KingEddiesLap;
  • We’re not judging your filming – so feel free to get the dad-cams out;
  • Clips have to be continuous – no speeding up footage or editing to make it look like separately filmed tricks are in the same line!
  • Shared entries are welcome;
  • You can enter multiple times; and
  • Winners will be announced in early September.

Follow us on Instagram to see some of the laps filmed already.


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