Nottingham Indie Video Night 2

On 5th of January 2018, an insane number of skateboarders, friends, partners and lurkers crammed into the upstairs room at the King Billy Pub, a couple of minutes walk from Sneinton Market, to watch skate videos filmed over the last 12 months in and around Nottingham (and on trips further afield).  Almost a year since the 2017 Nottingham Indie Video Night, this also gave a send-off to filmer/skater Jackson Davis before he left for pastures new in the Big Smoke, having put in a solid few years pointing a VX 1000 at people stood on skateboards in our city.

The last video night was dominated by Nottingham’s DIY projects – and one of the four edits this time also focused on the two recent DIYs, but with the poignancy and frustration of being retrospective: both Trent Side/ Gurn Side (DIY I) and Byrne Side (DIY II) were demolished during 2017 by the new owners of the BBC Island space…  returning the main area to its original state as an unused, undeveloped and blighted waste ground: to the benefit of precisely no one (presumably to be land-banked for another decade before the City Council forces the current developers to sell to someone else on the promise of development that will never come).  This is the edit from Dan O’Neill (InstaYoutube channel), who happens to be an actual historian as well as prolific iPhone filmer and nollie heelflipper.  For an amazing run down of the history of the various Nottingham DIYs since the late 90s/early 2000s, check out Dave Bevan’s recent piece for Sidewalk.

The smaller space once occupied by the newer DIY (Byrne Side), adjacent to BioCity, has simply been covered over with dirt (for no short-term reason beyond mean-spiritedness; in the longer term presumably to become a small, grotty carpark).  If this is the limit of our urban development ambitions in 2018, and spaces that ordinary people (known as the ‘commons’) can re-create, value, protect and enjoy (encouraging people to visit Nottingham from all over the world) are a silly pipe-dream from bygone times – perhaps skateboarders can change this, and encourage the City (and developers) to start thinking in terms of spaces that can be made active, at little or not cost.  In the Finnish City of Tampere, the Kenneli DIY project is one of a number of temporary, grassroots developments in a former industrial area – where their City Council has supported and encouraged the skaters to maintain and expand their DIY, because it brings visitors, businesses and vibrancy to the district prior to/during its redevelopment, something that has become central to both Tampere’s and Finland’s national tourism strategies.  Skateable installations, like those produced by Raphaël Zarka and currently exhibited/skated in Belgium, will be one of our objectives for 2018 to help change opinions and expand possibilities.

Dan’s second video of the night featured street skating missions alongside a couple of trips (to Barcelona, and up to the northeast of the UK via Sheffield) and features skating from Dan himself, Chris ‘Bambi’ Price, Dave Bevan, Neil Turner, Huddersfield homies Joshua Whitehead and Kieran McDonnell, Fred Naylor, Jack Allison, Myke Trowbridge, Luke Humphries and many others (plus bang-on music supervision).

Neil Turner has been skating and filming in Nottingham for 20 years, with a huge amount of edits up on his youtube and vimeo channels (and photography and more footage on his insta) spanning a big chunk of that time and with plenty of the Forty Two shop team alongside old and new Nottingham heads.  Neil pitched in this killer edit – with heavy skating from Tom Shaw-Weston, Will Golding, Alex Hallford, Bambi, Rees and loads more – all filmed at the dead of night, hence the naming…

Finally, recipient of leaving-do honours, Jackson Davis (youtube, vimeo, and insta) embarked on a pre-Christmas trip to Barcelona with a small crew (Ellis Blake, Nathan Symes, Marnix and S-Man) and brought back this chill edit, which, among other things, captures Ellis’ enviable style (there’s more to Grimsby than fish mate).  Hopefully we’ll keep seeing plenty of Jackson – especially as he held down all the AV skills on both this video night and the last one, and we wouldn’t know what to do with all the wires and shit without him.  With the success of these nights – packing the Billy well to capacity (thanks so much guys); we’re well on the way to planning how we could grow this – perhaps to the scale of a small film festival at the end of the summer, taking inspiration from the rad Vladimir Film Festival which takes place in Fažana in Croatia and brings in skaters and film makers from all over the world to the small town to watch and share indie skate vids.  To find out more about the Vladimir Film Festival, it’s well worth your time to watch this short feature made by Magenta/Minuit-fam member Aymeric Nocus for Live Skateboard Media.  Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram for news on the next video night in Notts and any developments towards a film festival this summer.


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