Skate Nottingham

Skate Nottingham is dedicated to the development of skateboarding in Nottingham

We are currently in the middle of a site rebuild. In the meantime if you need to get in touch please contact us at


What new skate spots do you want to see in Nottingham?

By summer 2021, there will be a new skate-friendly space built near the Broadmarsh centre, a new skate plaza in Ruddington, and skateable installations dotted around Beeston.

We want you to help design these spaces!

On Instagram

Post photos of your favourite skate spots in Nottingham and around the world and tag your post with #inspiredbyskatespots.

In your caption, tell us why the spot is important to you. Does it have the things you like to skate? Does it enable you to be with friends and to feel part of the city? Were you able to skate the spot during lockdown? Did it feel safe? Is it near green spaces and wildlife? Is it in another city or country and you really wish it was in Nottingham?

Upload photos and videos between now and midnight on Friday the 6th of November.

There will be lots of amazing prizes for the best, most interesting entries.

Mackey bluntslides on a David Gough ledge in London – photo: Leo Sharp

At the same time, we will share regular posts from sponsored skaters, architects and designers about the spots that shaped their skateboarding and their careers.  There will also be lots of mini challenges with prizes, where you can try to recreate lines or tricks filmed by skaters in other cities worldwide.

All your posts will go into a resource for Nottingham City Council, Rushcliffe Borough Council and the Beeston Civic Society to ensure that the new spots reflect things that inspire you to skate.

In person

We will be organising a programme of small group, COVID-safe workshops and activities, including film screenings, talks and skatepark design consultations with top skatepark builders alongside independent designers, engineers, architects and sponsored skaters. Click here to sign up to the workshops and we will send you the details for each event.

Aalto sculpture by Rich Holland – Helsinki, Finland