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Skate Nottingham is dedicated to the development of skateboarding in Nottingham.  As lifelong skateboarders, we believe that skating and its wider culture should have a key role in growing Nottingham as a creative, inclusive and active city.

Our mission

Is to put skateboarding at the centre of Nottingham’s development, by raising the profile and changing public and media perceptions – to ensure that parks are well designed and maintained, and that street skating is permitted and encouraged where appropriate, helping to create a vibrant, active and inclusive public realm.

We want to increase participation in skateboarding and make it possible for more people to pursue good, fairly-paid jobs related to skating – including in educational, training and mentoring roles, and strengthen links between the active lifestyle and creative and cultural aspects of skating.

We are inspired by the successes in Malmö in Sweden and also the recent announcement that Hull will become the UK’s first skate friendly city.

Our Aims

  • To work with Local Government, businesses and charities to ensure that skate parks are well designed, sustainable and meet the needs of skaters of different ages and skill levels
  • To coordinate events and services, including the introduction of clubs and coaching, that ensure facilities are activated all year round, expanding participation across diverse groups (more women and girls skating, more older skaters, reducing the barriers for people with disabilities and special needs), promoting active lifestyles across the city and linking people to the creative as well as physical aspects of skating
  • Delivering projects that grow and promote Nottingham’s skate scene, increase the number of visitors, help retain young people and graduates, and improve the perception of skateboarding amongst residents and businesses
  • Supporting the wide range of skate-related enterprises and creative projects in the city, building on previous investment and Nottingham’s history as one of the original centres of UK skateboarding

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